Catching Bass In Georgia

There is nothing more relaxing then an afternoon spent fishing. One of the best game fish in the entire country is bass. Both large and small mouth bass offer a great challenge that will push an angler to learn to become the best they can be. One of the best places to fish for Bass is in Georgia. Bass fishing Georgia style is a unique and exciting experience.

The state of Georgia is dotted with numerous lakes. Many of these lakes provide great playgrounds for anglers who are interested in capturing prized Bass. Georgia’s many fresh water lakes provide the perfect combination of temperature and conditions to foster a superior situation for Bass to breed and live.

Many of these lakes will provide a challenge to the avid angler and provide even the best anglers with a flurry of emotions as they attempt to catch some of the largest Bass in the entire country. Most Georgia lakes contain an abundance of Bass but the largest lakes tend to be the best places to catch the largest fish.

Lakes such as Hartwell, Strom Thurmond and Blackshear provide truly some of the greatest conditions available for breeding massive Bass. The methods used for catching bass in Georgia are similar to those used in other areas but great skill may be necessary to truly accomplish a day of good bass fishing Georgia style.

Bass are predators and will feed in feeding frenzy’s but they are also very predatory and if there are invaded they are likely to strike. However bass will not just attack anything the lure or bait needs to appear as realistic as possible. For this reason it is good to fish the bottom of the water during the middle of the day with Crank baits that are lipless so they can bounce off the lake bottom in a firm and solid motion. To do this properly you should use a leader and a drop rig.

The techniques used for bass fishing Georgia style will vary depending on the season and time of the year. These techniques relate to the cycle of the water and the temperature of the water. In the spring the water will start turning and the dead vegetation that has been on the bottom all winter will work its way to the surface as a result the bass will be swimming toward the surface for feeding.

The summer the temperatures of the water raise considerably and this drives the Bass into deeper depths. Many Georgia lakes are rather deep and it is not uncommon for the fish in these lakes to be found as low as 60 feet or more in the middle of the summer. In the fall spinner baits and spoons tend to work well while the winter will cause the bass to be less active and during this season the best method is to use plastic worms. No matter what time of the year it is Bass fishing Georgia style can be very challenging and rewarding.

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