Georgia Offers Some Of The Best Bass Fishing Lakes

While most lakes across the country provide an opportunity to fish for bass, not all lakes are equal. In fact the best lakes for bass fishing tend to be those that have a decent current. The current in a lake plays an important role in the habitat for both large and small mouth bass. In fact most of the best bass fishing lakes have currents that flow in two directions.

Many states wrestle over who has the best bass fishing conditions and lakes in the country. There is debate as to whether the best lakes lay in the south or the north. There are in fact many states in the south that provide ultimate bass fishing conditions. Among these are Florida and Georgia. The lakes of the south have warmer temperatures in the winter than those in the south and consequently the bass remain more active year round. Also most lakes in the south do not freeze and therefore you can fish year round without having to ice fish.

Of the best states in the South Georgia offers more fresh water lakes that are known to have great bass fishing conditions than any other. In fact Georgia is the home of the largest small mouth bass ever caught. Among Georgia’s lakes there are many that provide superior fishing conditions. Due to the year round climate and temperature of the water the Georgia’s lakes are available for great fishing year round.

The conditions of these lakes will vary throughout the year and consequently the best lakes will vary depending on the season. Many of Georgia’s best lakes are in fact manmade reservoirs. Among these is Clarks Hill Lake. This 72, 000 acre lake offers plenty of public access and is great year round but offers the best fishing conditions in the spring herring are spawning. A great way to fish for bass during this time is to fish just down current from where the herring are spawning.

Lake Hartwell is also one of the best bass fishing lakes year round in the state of Georgia. This 56, 000 acre lake is also home of many herring and as a result the bass can be found abundantly in the spring. A great way to fish for bass is to fish in the same area the herring spawned. By drop lining to the bottom all year round Hartwell will provide some great bass.

Lake Oconee is a much smaller lake at only 19, 000 acres but due to the fact that this lake is used to generate power there is a pumpback that creates a second current. Large crankbaits work well on this lake as do Carolina rigged worms and spinner baits. Spinnerbaits can be especially successful in some of the back currents of this lake.

These there are just a few of the many lakes that provide some great bass fishing. Georgia is known for great bass fishing but it is far from being the only state where great bass fishing occurs. A great source for finding the best bass fishing lakes is to check with the game and fish commission within your state.

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